What you need to know before buying a used car

What you need to know before buying a used car

Looking for a used car can be quite an adventure in itself. A lot of people out there prefer buying a used car rather than a new one. A used car can be purchased through websites such as Craigslist or manufacturer’s websites. One can even go to the authorized dealers and even buy used cars directly from owners.

There are a number of options when it comes to car dealers, with manufacturers who have their very own used car or pre-owned car dealership as a subsidiary.

Things to find out before buying a used car

Seeing `Used cars for sale’, hoardings might put you in a thinking mode, as to whether to go for a used car or a new car. Today, many buyers look for used cars because of the flexibility to change it after every few years. But here are the pointers that might save you some bucks when going for a used car. One can find used car dealerships through local newspapers or Craigslist listings.

Leasing options: Most used cars are available for lease for very nominal monthly installments. Check all the resources to find used car dealerships near you. Compare the rates and then decide which option works best for you.

Online or direct: Some manufacturers set up a live chat in order to sell the used cars. The main objective of either website or dealer is to sell the used car from their lot. So one can even find used car dealership either from the comfort of their homes or go to the dealer and finalize the deal manually.

Month-end: Usually, month ends are the time when buyers get good deals for car buying or leasing. So try to find used car dealerships and visit them at the end of any month when they are ready to negotiate to clear inventory and get your quoted price.

Carfax report: All pre-owned vehicles have a history of its mileage or any accidents. Some dealers do run the reports for their buyers. But if you are buying from a private seller, you might have to run it yourself.

Cash flow: Understanding your income and expenditure will give you a sense of your budget. One can find used car dealerships that fit in with your budget.

Test drive: The advantage of buying a car from a dealer is that one can test drive to check the features and driving comfort. Buyers can judge the car during the test drive, as to how much mileage it gives on highways or local roads.

Negotiate: Negotiation is the key when you go out to find used car dealerships. Dealers generally quote higher figures as they know that buyers are going to bargain.

Warranty: Dealers often advertise Certified Used cars which fall under warranty. Inquire if any repairs or maintenance are needed.

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