Windshields for your vehicle – how to buy

Windshields for your vehicle – how to buy

Windshield is a safety glass which is generally made of laminated glass, to protect the driver of any given vehicle like cars, buses, some types of motorbikes, trains and more. The windshield typically consists of two curved layers of glass, infused on top of each other with a layer of plastic then affixed to the frame for which it was designed.

Of course, the main purpose of a windshield is to protect the driver of the vehicle from all types of debris, also serving a dual purpose as UV radiation protection for windshields which are manufactured for the purpose.

Older windshields were made from regular glass, which was not so safe back then. Shattered glass shards can lead to serious injuries in case of a fatal accident and thus tests were conducted to find out which materials would be suitable to make the glass more tough. But even toughened glass was vulnerable and at the mercy of flying debris which would still manage to shatter the glass.

An innovative solution was developed after these incidents wherein layers of glass had an inner coating and lining of lamination made out of cellulose. In the event that the windshield would shatter, the glass shards would still be held together by the cellulose layer, thus making it a safer option compared to its predecessors.

Windshields come in different shapes and sizes, manufactured to suit the style of vehicle and serve its purpose. But there are a number of restrictions with respect to the shade of glass and tint. Some windshields have a darker shade of tint on the upper part for protection from sun glare, but otherwise, heavily tinted glass is generally not permitted to be installed in vehicles.

Windshields are a must have fixture when it comes to automobiles, but it is not necessary to have one installed for custom bikes. Avid bikers who tour the country, driving for long hours, through all types of terrain normally would prefer to install bike windshields, but others simply prefer to wear goggles or a helmet which has a big visor.

Damaged windshields cannot be repaired and hence have to be replaced. However, this takes time as the adhesive which bonds together the replaced windshield needs time to be dry and make a tight seal, hence there is a concept of safe drive away time or minimum drive away time to ensure passenger safety.

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