Toyota Sienna – Why the best minivan?

Toyota Sienna – Why the best minivan?

The Toyota Sienna was first introduced as the “Camry of minivans” in 1997, to increase the momentum in sales that the Toyota Camry had created already. Ever since its inception, this minivan competed for a neck to neck with all its contemporaries from time to time. Being the only minivan that Toyota makes and having run for a long 20 years, the Sienna has evolved to become a one-stop solution for the minivan customers. Only when the Sienna is taken can one truly appreciate the amount of research, engineering, and innovation that Toyota has put in its only minivan over the years.

The Toyota Sienna places itself at the top among other minivans due to its sumptuous interior, solid design, stunning performance, superb in-house entertainment and “seldom-worry” safety.

This year the Toyota Sienna comes with an all new 3.5-litre V6 direct injection engine with an eight-speed power transmission delivering 296 horsepower. The Sienna’s gas mileage fares very well with 19 miles per gallon in the city and up to 27 miles per gallon on the highway even though this is the only minivan that offers an all-wheel-drive option in its class. And that does it make the Toyota Sienna pricier than other minivans in the country. However, this minivan packs a lot of features that make it a worthy purchase for every penny. Due to the unique features and durability, the Toyota Sienna has a better resale value than a few other minivans in the market

Driving becomes more of a pleasure than an ordeal on long road trips. All the dashboard controls are moved closer to the driver for easier handling and navigation. The wide wraparound dashboard design with audiovisual and connectivity devices gives the driver a cockpit experience. Drivers can rest assured to enjoy full control over the vehicle with inbuilt microphone and speakers to communicate with the rest of the passengers. The second rows and third-row passengers can control climate and infotainment without having to disturb the driver. The lounge leather seats and spacious interior give optimum legroom to the second and third-row passengers.
Depending on the luggage carried versus the number of people traveling, this eight-seater can make space up to 150 cubic feet with the second and third row folded.

Over the years, the Toyota Sienna has been known for its safety and reliability. The 2017 Sienna has been given a five-star rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For every new Sienna purchased or leased, Toyota offers a no cost maintenance plan for the first 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The Toyota Sienna packs all it needs to make the best minivan for the family to go anywhere and everywhere.

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