Top muscle cars the country has to offer

Top muscle cars the country has to offer

In the country, the term used for high-performance automobiles is muscle cars. A sports car with two doors and a powerful V8 engine that is designed to offer a drive of high performance is a muscle car. It is a rear wheel drive vehicle that is either a mid-size, compact or full-size family vehicle that can comfortably seat four or more passengers and are generally quite affordable. The cars are meant for occasional drag racing and street use.

The best muscle cars in the country are available at minimum costs involving limited maintenance expenses. These are some of the reasons why New Zealand, Middle East, Australia, and Europe import the best muscle cars every year from the country. Each year, it is seen that the demand for these muscle cars is increasing; however, the supply in the country market does not diminish.

Pontiac LeMans GTO
In the country, the Pontiac LeMans second generation GTO can be purchased at a price of around $15,000.

Mercury Cougar
This car is the first top muscle car introduced by the automaker in the country’s automobile market. This is one of the most affordable vehicles manufactured by Mercury. The base models come with a V8 engine and the price starts at around $10,000. The more powerful and high-end Cobra Jet V8 engine can be acquired by paying a price of about $20,000.

American Motors AMX
The same automakers that manufactured the Gremlin have manufactured the AMX. What feat the Gremlin could not achieve has been achieved by the AMX by being the top muscle car in the segment. As compared to the other muscle cars, the AMX has a very powerful engine with a shorter wheelbase. In short, it is strongly believed that the AMX is one of the best muscle cars manufactured by American Motors. The price range for the AMX is between $15,000 and $20,000.

Chevrolet Camaro
The prices of the latest generations have been rising in the recent years. However, older versions, which are still in good condition, are priced at around $20,000.

Plymouth Barracuda
This vehicle finds itself a place among the best muscle cars in the country as well as across the globe. The reason for it being so popular could either be its attractive name or the constantly appreciating value. This is unique amongst the others on the list.

Ford Mustang
The list of the best muscle cars in the country cannot be completed if the Ford Mustang does not find a place in it. The Mustang is an iconic car. The older models can be purchased at a price of around $15,000 thousand, while the recent ones can be bought for a price as low as around $6,000.

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