Top classic Chevy trucks for sale

Top classic Chevy trucks for sale

Chevy trucks have an illustrious 100-year-old history and an impressive, legendary line-up that still has a cult following today, making Chevy a force to reckon with in the world of trucks. Read on to know about the 5 most legendary, classic Chevy trucks in the last 100 years, some of them may be for sale even now.

1947 Chevrolet 3100
The fact that the entire American car industry was involved in the WWI efforts during 1942-1945 did not deter Chevy’s plans of introducing new, advanced-design 3100 series trucks. This not only created work opportunities but also brightening up post-war America. Revolutionary to the core with gumption and style, the innovative Chevy 3100 featured modern styling with a tinted windshield and integrated fenders, a wider track for better stability, a bigger truck bed, 3 payload sizes, and even 3 engine choices. This “Advanced Design” outsold Ford trucks for many years in a row. This American relic also had a pre-1950 six-cylinder engine, giving to trustworthiness and power both, making it as classic as any truck can get.

1955-58 Chevrolet Cameo
One of the most beautiful pickups ever, the influential and interesting Chevy Cameo transformed the idea of a truck from a bare-bones workhorse to a speedy, stylish, and comfortable one. The truck was equipped with a maximum width elegant truck bed, making it more capable to carry wider loads. What’s more, the entire body of the truck was stronger and more durable than earlier. The Fleetside style was introduced with this model which continues to this day even after the discontinuation of the Cameo.

1967-72 Chevrolet Cheyenne
The Action Line pickups of 1967-1972 featured the Chevy Cheyenne are considered as great-looking trucks till date even though they were made for just half a decade. An insulated and carpeted cab, luxurious interiors, a radio, and front disc brakes made the Chevy Cheyenne look like a luxury pickup in front of its spartan competitors. The 71-72 Cheyenne models featured the strength of a Chevy truck with sedan-like looks.

Chevrolet C/K Trucks
The revolutionary 1960 Chevy C/K had a new body design, new chassis, and came with a huge number of options for body configurations, drivetrain, and engines, and a very important new feature of its time: 4-wheel drive. The C/K trucks also featured powerful V8 engines in this mass-produced model, transporting them from basic work transport to capable, all-terrain vehicles. C/K trucks stayed in demand throughout the decade and were considered some of the best trucks in the market.

1973 Chevrolet Suburban
When Chevy introduced the Suburban with room for weight, a durable steel body and a ½-ton chassis in 1935, it essentially ended up inventing the SUV as we know it today. The 1973 Suburban was the best of the lot, setting a style which continued for 20 years. The roomy, 4-door vehicle was stronger, longer, and bigger than any other car-based station wagon in the market at that time. It also had a seating capacity of up to 9 passengers. Even with station wagons disappearing from the market, the Suburban lived on, becoming the longest-running, continuous automotive nameplate in history.

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