Things you should know about leasing the Buick Encore

Things you should know about leasing the Buick Encore

Buyers prefer leasing options rather than buying any new car outright. Once you have made up your mind about leasing a car, then one also needs to consider the factors that make leasing car a breeze deal.

Lots of dealers out there approve leasing with even not-so-good credit scores. However, the deals mentioned in newspapers or billboards come with a fine print stating that the best offers go to well-qualified buyers only.

Leasing options for the Buick Encore

The Buick Encore is one such car, where a buyer can get the best deals and rebates. Buick Encore leases start from USD 149 per month for a time span for 24 months, where USD 3,729 is paid upfront at the time of signing. Though the Buick Encore costs USD 22,900, leasing is the best option to own a 2017 model of Buick and even get benefits of rebates and loyalty discounts. Though prices and discounts differ from dealers and states, a quick research and homework on the buyer’s part can help him get the better deal.

The Buick Encore excels in its exterior as well as interior features. With a mileage of 27MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway, the Buick Encore is worth the performance. It even guarantees 10,000 miles per year. The lease amount of any car is determined by:

1) Depreciation

2) Tax

3) Interest

The capitalization cost calculates the monthly lease amount, residual value, tenure of the lease, and the money factor.

Leasing or buying?

Many leasers feel that they get good offers on Buick Encore leases rather than when buying the car. Both have their pros and cons. But leasing is still preferred as a buyer has to pay a lease for two years and then he can decide whether he wants to keep the car or return to the dealer once the lease is over. On the contrary, while buying a new Buick Encore, he may have to look for finance options that will build equity over the years and then he can sell off or use the car once the loan is repaid.

Lower interest rates have played a major role in recent years. That’s the reason why buyers prefer to lease than buy. After the lease tenure, the buyer can easily switch to a new car. Buick Encore leases can give buyers the flexibility and convenience to explore other Buick options once the lease period has ended. Getting the best deal on a lease is all about striking a correct balance between your monthly lease and your cash flow.

Shopping for Buick Encore leases can be a profitable bargain for buyers and dealers too. So it is a win-win situation for both parties. Month ends are the best time to avail the best offers and discounts.

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