The versatility of RockAuto’s website

The versatility of RockAuto’s website

In 1999, RockAuto, an online family business was founded. These automotive engineers initially began the business with two objectives set in their minds.

  • The first goal was to provide free and precise information that is not clearly revealed at auto parts stores. RockAuto has all the necessary information, specifications of all relevant products and parts on their website, unlike elsewhere where information related to only what a person has knowledge about or what individual stores have in stock is provided.
  • The second objective was to provide parts that are quite affordable. This is possible as RockAuto does not own any physical store that they conduct their business through. All of the attention is optimally utilized in making car owners of all segments capable of enhancing the fun quotient of every drive.

Once you order auto parts online from the RockAuto website, you can check the status regarding the orders or returns as well. The RockAuto website helps one perform the following actions as well:

  • Searching for old orders: One can go on RockAuto’s online website and browse the “Order Status and Returns” page. You can find the section of “Order Look Up” and feed in the email address used for the orders and select the list of “Send Order.” This list will comprise the recent orders placed which will be sent on the email address provided.
  • Viewing an order placed: On the “Order Status and Returns” page, just enter the email address or phone number used while placing the order along with the order number and you can see the details of the order placed. You can log on from your account and select the order number from the section of “Order History” if you intend on reordering an auto part.
  • Making alterations to current order: In order to request for an alternation in the information regarding contact details, change in order quantities, or cancel an order, you would need to access the “Order Status and Returns” page. If the option to change the order does not display on the screen, it means that the order has still not arrived at the shipping stage.
  • Canceling a placed order: After surfing the “Order Status and Returns” page on RockAuto’s official online store, just select the cancel button. This feature is a life saver for those who haven’t fixed the payment for the order placed.

Shopping for auto parts has become much more convenient and affordable with RockAuto. RockAuto’s online website is among the popular sites because of its affordable price range, high quality auto parts, and spot-on delivery timing.

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