Take a closer look at the types of service alignment coupons

Take a closer look at the types of service alignment coupons

Mechanical alignment means that there is a certain angle of dislocation with the wheels or steering. This is important for your safety and saving money on your vehicle. Now how to identify whether your car has an alignment problem. If the car drifts to one side and the car steering is off centered, or your tires could be uneven or have rapid tire wear or squealing tires. So only when all your wheels are exactly aligned with each other your wheels are in alignment. Running into pot holes, hitting a curb can cause sudden change in alignment.

Service Coupon Offered by Honda:

Honda provides a free check on wheel alignment for their customers. Many people experience unexpected alignment issues in a short period of time due to poor road conditions. Alignment check helps to guard against premature tire wear and decreased fuel efficiency. For other customers, they do a wheel alignment check valued for $19.95.

Firestone Complete Auto Care:
Firestone have a limited time offers on wheel purchase coupons, oil change coupons, lifetime alignment, brake service and fluid exchange etc. If your car wheels have worn out, you can purchase a set of 4 eligible Bridgestone tires for $70 by mail. 50% off on a set of 4 tires of Firestone with different tire lines. They provide a lifetime alignment check with a purchase of 4 tires.

Sears Auto center:

They have introduced a saving coupon of up to $20 on alignment service. $10 off for 6 months’ alignment or $20 off for 1-year alignment. And they offer a lifetime alignment for just $189.99 which includes nationwide warranty, free alignment for as long as you own your vehicle, no re-alignment caps or mileage restrictions. And a free alignment check coupon is also available on their website.

Good Year:

Good year gives a special service for unbalanced tires. Their wheel balance service includes tire and wheel removal, mounting each wheel on a state of the art wheel balancing machine, spinning each wheel to make sure the weight of the wheel and tire are balanced evenly around the axle, detecting and locating any imbalance, attaching a lead weight on the opposite side of the tire to compensate for weight differences, remounting tires and wheels. you can avail this attractive service by making use of a coupon on their website with $10 off.

Rad Air:

Their monthly special offers include discounts on car maintenance and auto repair services like wheel alignments, air conditioning performance and leak checks, full synthetic lube, oil filter change and more for just $39.95.

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