Picking the best breakdown cover

Picking the best breakdown cover

A quality breakdown cover service should be able to provide roadside assistance and help of any and every kind, as well as pile the customer with lots of support and help and a few extras. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to carefully analyze what you want from your breakdown cover before zeroing in on one. Listed below are the things one should look out for:

The services that a breakdown cover includes are the most important factors when it comes to selection. These include 24/7 roadside assistance for towing (up to certain miles) to the nearest gas or service station, changing flat tires, unlocking the vehicle if one has been locked out of it, and extricating the car out of a particularly rough patch of mud or a ditch, etc. Other standard services that need to be included are delivery of fuel if you run out in the middle of your trip, jumpstarting a dead battery/changing a faulty one. Add-on services include travel interruption guarantee which are reimbursements till a certain extent for transportation, meals and hotel rooms. Some breakdown cover providers such as AARP even provide reimbursement for legal services in case one is slapped with a speeding ticket.

Certain services have limitations when it comes to cars breaking down in certain states. So, one should make sure that the state where you are driving isn’t an issue with the service that you chose. Another aspect to note is the type of vehicles the service covers. However, there are also companies like Good Sam which cover all vehicles from motorcycles to RVs.

Type of Plan
After having a look at the kind and extent of services and coverage offered, one needs to look at all the plans being offered by the company, because the standard plan may or may not cover everything that they require in their breakdown cover. Most US breakdown coverage companies have standard one year plans for beginners. Advanced plans include many perks such as discounts, while the premium plans, albeit costly, are best for those who do a lot of road travel during the year.

Customer Support
24×7 customer support is critical – how the company reps behave, assist you, their promptness, friendliness and helpfulness etc. matters. The customer support you receive from a roadside assistance company is critical.

Certain roadside assistance firms have limitations on the age of the driver, certain states, certain locations, etc. You will need to read the membership rules thoroughly before choosing a service so as to not be surprised later.

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