Perks of buying a certified pre-owned car

Perks of buying a certified pre-owned car

Certified pre-owned cars are a great idea to buy if you have a limited budget and still want a car that virtually feels new. Here are a few things listed, that can help you understand better about the benefits of a certified pre-owned car.

Buying a certified pre-owned car that is at least a year or two old saves the buyer as much as twenty to twenty five percent of the cost when compared to buying a brand new car. The percentage margin increases with the age of the car.

You can also buy certified pre-owned cars on lease. These cars come at comparatively lower prices when compared with buying a brand new car on lease. The monthly installment of these cars is comparatively low.

Cars with CPO program provides a vehicle-history that the car has had an uneventful (free from any sorts of accidents) run. It’s a good idea to ask the dealer for the copy of the certified program checklist to get a better idea of what you are looking for.

Certified pre-owned cars come with a manufacturer backed inspection. It ensures that the car that is put up on sale is authentic in all its technicality. The inspection comes with a warranty which acts as an extension to the factory warranty but with slightly less coverage. Even though some companies might charge you a certain amount to perform covered repairs, they would be very less than the ones compared to regular used cars that are put up for sale.

Keep in mind that some companies offer CPO warranties with vehicle’s original in service date as a starting point, while other begin at the end of the new-car warranty or simply on the date of CPO purchase. The coverage periods differs by automaker or the car manufacturer. Even the close-fisted of the plans will still offer you a total of about five years or 60,000 miles of coverage. The coverage lasts for allotted number of years or allotted number of miles, whichever is greater. There are a very few car coverages that offer both, set coverage of years as well as miles.

There are a few websites that provide information and even sell CPO cars. Some of the websites include,,, You can also visit the official websites of the car manufacturers or get in touch with the local car dealer to inquire if they sell certified pre-owned cars.

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