How to shop for parts at RockAuto

How to shop for parts at RockAuto

An online family business that was founded by automotive engineers in 1999, RockAuto was established when this group of automotive engineers started the business with two goals set in their minds. Their first goal was to provide free and precise information that is not clearly revealed at other auto parts stores. RockAuto has and displays all the necessary information and specifications of all relevant products and parts on their website, much unlike other stores where the information is only related to what one person has knowledge about or what individuals stores have in stock is provided.

Their second goal was to make parts by RockAuto affordable. Cheap parts are possible because Rock Auto does not own any store that they conduct the businesses in, so they have no employees at the counter. All of this money is utilized in making the cars of all ages which are capable of providing a fun-filled drive.

As of today, RockAuto supplies several parts from various manufacturers to around a million customers all across the world. Over time, what has been observed is that RockAuto’s parts brochures and catalogs are focusing on expanding their collection. The following aspects can be found on and are the highlights of RockAuto, which are helpful and assist consumers in their parts orders and various other required aspects.

  • If one wishes to track their order, arrange for a return order, cancel or alter the placed order or has a problem to report, then the “Order Status and Returns” page should be helpful.
  • Follow the instructions on the order status and returns page if a particular part order needs to be returned to RockAuto.
  • The individual has to enter the order online if they wish to pay by mail. For this, they need to select “Check” or “Money Order” as their mode of payment. Then the person will have to write their order number on their check.
  • As it is not possible to physically go pick up the parts, all orders in their inventory at multiple locations are shipped by a common carrier. The return orders may not go to the warehouse from where they have been coming.

According to customers, RockAuto’s sale and discounts are what make the auto parts so affordable. Hence, people prefer purchasing their auto parts from RockAuto. The auto parts are genuine and are of the best quality, and the delivery as well is right on time. Customers say that the display on RockAuto’s website is precise; therefore, the information and availability of auto parts is clearly specified. Customers have also lauded the shopping experience on RockAuto not just because the auto parts provided by them are at cheap rates but also the total along with shipping charges comes up to lesser than the value the person pays at buying the auto part in a physical store there.

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