How Kelly Blue Book helps you find the classic car you love

How Kelly Blue Book helps you find the classic car you love

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has every type of car, including almost any make, model, and year. You will easily find, what you are looking for. Finding a perfect car takes time as you need a network with professionals, track leads, etc. KBB can help you find a classic car and also price at which it should be valued.

If chasing sellers is not your style, then get in touch with KBB. They have a professional team who will provide you with, what you are looking for. The company has many years of experience and a network of restorers and collectors, who can help you find the classic cars you are looking for. You can call them up and also check the cars available in the gallery section.

KBB has a wonderful collection of vintage cars that they buy and sell at the Beverly Hills Car Club. You can also log onto their website and check the inventory. They sell cars worldwide and the list is updated every day. Customers are encouraged to check out the cars personally, by inspectors or brokers. They specialize in American and European classics and also help the dealers, collectors, and experts to find the car they are looking for.

To buy a classic car, you need to keep many things in mind. Go through the inventory, select the car you want, contact the sales staff, read the description, and check all the photographs. Email KBB on the car you have selected with the car’s stock number, your contact details, and phone number so that they can compile the car’s documents from the DMV and can send you the details to make the payment. They send the invoice, sales agreement, buyer guide, power of attorney for your signature and are to be returned. These documents help to transfer the car in your name. International purchase can be made by bank wire transfer.

You can also make your own shipping arrangement. Once the payment is made and papers are duly signed, they give you shipping and contact details to make the delivery streamlined. Delivery takes 4 to 8 weeks. All purchased vehicles are subject to California state sales tax. In different circumstances, the car is picked and driven to the destination.

Buyers are welcome to get a third-party inspector to inspect if they want to purchase the car. All inspections are held at the warehouse. The staff present provides all the assistance that the inspector requires, including inspection.

They can recommend agencies that inspect cars but you can choose your own. Call and make an appointment if you would like a recommendation. Confirmation will be given by the sales officer who will keep the vehicle ready.

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