Dealing with the car owner – Things you should know about

Dealing with the car owner – Things you should know about

Planning to buy a car? Are you confused whether to visit a dealer or to buy directly from a private party? Generally, buying a car from a dealer takes a lot of pressure off, as the dealer handles all the paperwork and the whole transaction feels safe. Whereas, buying directly from a private seller means you and the seller must take care of the entire transaction.

Here are the few advantages of buying cars directly from the owner (private party):

Less expensive
Buying a used car from a private owner is often less expensive than buying it through a dealer. Private owners sell their cars at very low prices than commercial sellers. As there are no middlemen the buy and sell spread is effectively zero.You can save heaps of money buying from a private seller.

Easier negotiation
Usually, the private individuals will be in the motivation of getting rid of the vehicles. Therefore, their prime motive will not be maximization of profit. Moreover, they are not professional negotiators compared to dealers. They expect you to buy somewhere between the price they fixed and they let you make your offer a price as per your satisfaction. When buying from a private party negotiation is comparatively easy, rather it takes time for the buyer and seller to settle on an acceptable price.

Another benefit is that the buyers maintain complete records of the vehicle. The seller who maintains the vehicle records are likely to believe that they would have maintained the vehicle properly when they owned it. This is a great advantage, as it is a sign that a used vehicle has been well cared for.

Hassle-free buying
There is a lot of comfort when you are buying from a private seller. Dealers may be impatient as they are just doing their job for monetary benefits – which becomes a stress for us. Instead of dealing with impatient salespeople (dealers) it is better to deal with a like-minded private seller. The transaction procedures are also more relaxed, with lesser pressure in case of private owners than with a dealer sales representatives.

Clear knowledge about the vehicle
By dealing directly with the current owner, you will be able to gather a lot more information about the car and how it has been driven and cared for.

Quicker transaction
Generally, the private sellers are in a hurry to sell their vehicle. The eagerness makes easier to negotiate and get the transaction completed easier and quicker.

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