Cadillac – Things you should know about this luxury car

Cadillac – Things you should know about this luxury car

Cadillac is a third generation luxury sedan from the group of General Motors. The beauty of this vehicle lies in its looks and performance. The Detailing that has gone in– right from designing to its technology is unmatchable.

The Cadillac CTS is available in Bronze Dune Metallic and Silver Moonlight Metallic variants

What’s so special about the Cadillac CTS?

There are some new changes that are implemented in the 2017 Cadillac CTS. The market price for the 2017 model costs $47,000. Buyers are surely going to love these new changes. This model comes with revised front and rear fascia.

The depreciation for a 5-year cost of a Cadillac CTS comes to 55.2 percent, which is above average.

Smart features

It is impossible to ignore the smart features that the Cadillac CTS is loaded with. There is a smart remote which adjusts the climate inside the car, once it is in ignition. The front seat can be adjusted in about 20 different ways to make you more comfortable. The Cadillac CTS has three different climate control zones which front and back passengers can adjust accordingly. The LED illuminated lighting gives an ambient feeling in the car. Concealed cup holders can eliminate the chances of spillage or messes.


The CTS is equipped with powerful 8-speed automatic transmissions for changing gears. A driver can even switch to Magnesium Paddle Shifters to get a better grip of the car. With the Cadillac 3.6 liter CTS, everything is about power. While the base engine is 268-hp turbo four, it gives a solid 30MPG on the highway. However, the V-sport model does not offer a four-wheel drive. Since the engines use an automatic start/stop feature which helps to conserve the fuel while driving. The Cadillac CTS V-sport model has been consistently deemed as one of the best cars in the sports sedan category.

Leasing deals

The leasing options for a Cadillac CTS Sedan start from $309 and can go up to $959 with a $3,700 signing amount. Dealers are offering attractive cash-back bonuses as good as USD 4,000 for regular buyers. Most dealers go for a 39-month period for lease, in case of Cadillac. The financing options available to the buyers start from 1.9 percent for three years. To attract more customers, manufacturers are offering an additional $2,000 allowance for non-GM luxury brand buyers towards the lease or purchase of a new Cadillac CTS.

Cadillac is tested and proved to be the front-runner on every front, designed to take over the road. It gives maximum stability and control in any condition. This is the fourth model year of a third-generation car in the CTS line-up.

Enjoy the experience of driving the luxury sedan with Magnetic Ride Control that can read not only roads but also your mind!

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