4 safety features the Cadillac XTS boasts of

4 safety features the Cadillac XTS boasts of

Cadillac has been lauded for developing a great reputation over the years in the automobile sector. The vehicles are known to glide along the road while putting forth comfort as the most pivotal aspect. However, certain setbacks have been associated with the several Cadillac sedan models of the past and they include lack of head-turning design with a bland driving experience. The arrival of the Cadillac XTS has induced many automobile enthusiasts to take a closer look and transformed the new offering as a savvy choice for sedan seekers.

A sharp luxury sedan, the Cadillac XTS runs ahead of its time with its cutting-edge design and a slew of amenities packed along. The vehicle is built on the same platform as major lauded offerings of the market while being a recipient of great critical applause. If you are planning on buying the Cadillac XTS, it only makes sense to understand about the safety features assimilated in the vehicle. Here are four notable features that will let you rest assured about the safety measures undertaken in the XTS.

Surround Vision
Surround Vision is one of the latest and most admirable features of safety that has been added to this vehicle. It is a safety inclusion that lets the driver receive a bird’s-eye view of the road or the immediate area that surrounds the vehicle. Surround vision ensures safety especially while taking a reverse or at low speeds. The view of the surrounding is projected through the user experience screen fitted in the car. It amazingly aids the driver and increases the awareness when parking the vehicle.

Automatic Braking
Not being able to hit the brake at the right time can cause severe damage. Taking this factor into close consideration, the Cadillac XTS includes an automatic braking system when driving at low speeds in both forward and reverse directions. The automatic brakes are designed to sense a potential collision and execute the braking function if the driver hasn’t already.

Lane Keep Assist
Keeping track while staying in the right lane can be difficult for some drivers. The Cadillac XTS addresses this problem by employing the Lane keep assist safety function. The functionality drops a lane departure warning that aid in staying in the right driving lane throughout the journey.

Rainsense Wipers
Intense rainfall can disrupt clear vision and pose a major hazard while driving. Cadillac has addressed the safety hazard by including Rainsense wipers in the XTS. The safety feature automatically detects the intensity of rainfall and adjusts the wipers to match pace.

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