10 popular hybrid cars

10 popular hybrid cars

Since their inception in 1997, hybrid cars have gained an immense amount of popularity amongst car buyers. Today many brands have developed this technology on an advanced level to make it more driver friendly and fuel efficient. If you are considering to invest in a used car, here are the 10 best used cars to own that utilize the hybrid vehicle technology.

Toyota Prius – Toyota Prius has a brilliant fuel efficiency, i.e. around 50 to 54 MPG. It has a classy interior design along with multipurpose smart technology. The hybrid comprises of all the essential safety systems.

Chevrolet Volt – Chevrolet Volt is a spacious hybrid that has a seating structure for five people. It has decent handling and breaking system. The safety standards are reliable as well. Its interiors include several latest technological installments which makes the overall driving experience enjoyable.

Honda Accord – The Honda Accord Hybrid has an excellent fuel economy i.e. 47 MPG on the highway and 49 MPG in the city. Apart from the fuel efficiency, this car has a great cabin which can accommodate five people and amazing security options as well.

Toyota Camry – The Toyota Camry Hybrid has a spacious cabin and can seat five people comfortably. It has a decent fuel efficiency and delivers up to 38 to 42 MPG. It is comfortable to drive and has a high standard when it comes to safety.

Hyundai Sonata – The Hyundai Sonata has decent gas economy. It has a deliverance of 38 MPG in the city and 45 MPG in the road. It has a seating capacity for five people and brilliant interiors. There is a spacious trunk space too.

Ford Fusion Energi – The Ford Fusion Energi has a sophisticated interior design. The dashboard is systematic and easy to handle which makes driving more convenient. The car has a warranty of up to three years.

Nissan Leaf – The Nissan Leaf is an all-electric, compact car that has a roomy interior which can easily house five people. It delivers quiet and hassle free ride.

Kia Optima – Kia Optima has an amazing fuel economy, especially on the highway which is about 46 MPG. The driving experience with Kia Optima is smooth. It also has an excellent infotainment system, security system and other additional technology like a rearview camera, satellite radio, etc.

Honda Civic – Honda Civic is one of the popular choices for hybrid cars. It amalgamates gas motors and battery to deliver great fuel efficiency. This comprehensively does well in the areas of safety, technology, interior and comfort.

Honda CR-Z – The CR-Z variant offers decent fuel efficiency. It has the latest tech additions in the car which are user friendly as well. The car also facilities easy and light handling.

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